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Remote Access

Remotely Access Your JACE

Traveling to a job site to conduct a service call can be expensive, time consuming, and counterproductive, especially when the problem could be resolved remotely. Remote access to the JACE can reduce travel time and improve troubleshooting responsiveness. There are several ways this can be accomplished with either wired (Ethernet) or wireless (Cellular) IP router solutions which do not compromise network security thanks to advanced VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology.

Contemporary Control's EIGR-V – 10/100/1000Mbps Wired VPN IP Router, EIGR-C – 3G/4G Wireless Cellular VPN IP Router, and RemoteVPN – Secure Cloud Server products provide an array of secure remote monitoring solution options for your JACE, or any IP network. The JACE has two Ethernet ports — Primary and Secondary. The Primary port can be utilized for the local building control network and the Secondary port for remote communications. Connecting the Secondary port to one of our VPN IP routers establishes a secure connection to our RemoteVPN cloud service and provides access to the JACE from an office or other remote location without compromising security. When using more than one JACE, all the Secondary JACE ports can be networked together to create a remote access network that can be accessed through the VPN IP router.