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Niagara Framework®

The Niagara Framework® is a software platform you can use to manage and control diverse systems and devices-regardless of manufacturer or protocol. Use it either locally or over the Internet with a standard web browser. For managing a smart building, Niagara provides all you need-visualization, integration, control and archiving of data. Niagara has worldwide appeal with close to one million instances - including those from all major controls OEMs - for applications as diverse as airports, campuses, hospitals, schools and homes. The JACE controller is an embedded hardware platform optimized for Niagara. The JACE CPU resource usage can be improved by offloading tasks, and its functionality can be enhanced with peripheral products. Learn more Five Ways to Enhance Your JACE

Contemporary Controls offers the N4 Sedona Driver for free use with our BACnet Open controllers to deliver a one-tool solution for your Niagara N4 (version 4.11 or later). The N4 Sedona Driver is licensed from Sedona community member, Ontrol, and is available for our Sedona controllers at no additional cost, N4 Driver Request.