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Diagnostic Switches

Diagnose Your JACE IP Network

You may be experiencing IP network errors, communication issues with your JACE, or you cannot discover a device on the IP network. It would be difficult to troubleshoot these issues without access to a network protocol analyser such as Wireshark®, which works by capturing all network traffic and decoding the packets for analysis of the conversation between devices. Mounting a diagnostic switch next to your JACE allows you to easily perform IP network troubleshooting.

Skorpion® Diagnostic Switches assist in troubleshooting Ethernet networks by allowing a network protocol analyser such as Wireshark to attach to an unused port on the switch and observe all traffic on the network. Skorpion Diagnostic Switches retain all the features of an unmanaged switch but perform like a repeating hub where all received messages are flooded to all other ports. There are two models of 5-port diagnostic switches with 24VAC/VDC power input and DIN rail mounting in the series which differ only by the highest data rate supported. The EISK5-100T/H supports 10/100 Mbps networks while the EISK5-GT/H can additionally support gigabit speed traffic. The EISK8-GT/H supports up to eight ports at 10/100/1000 Mbps speeds. All messages—directed, multicast, and broadcast—are flooded to all ports on the switch, providing the ability to observe all traffic on the network. This eliminates the need for a managed switch and setting up mirroring to do diagnostics – replacing it will be simple with the plug-and-play operation of the diagnostic switch. The Skorpion Diagnostic Switch can be permanently mounted next to a JACE installation or replaced with a regular Skorpion switch once the system is commissioned.