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Understanding How to Configure OpenVPN

Contemporary Controls offers three VPN solutions to meet your remote access needs—RemoteVPN subscription service, and Self-HostedVPN and BridgeVPN solutions.

All of Contemporary Controls VPN solutions are based on OpenVPN®, a well-supported open-source VPN technology. In addition to supporting OpenVPN PC clients for Windows and Linux machines, our RemoteVPN service and Self-HostedVPN solution can support OpenVPN clients for iOS and Android mobile devices.

New support documentation includes instructions on how to configure the OpenVPN clients for Android and iOS devices. Existing support documentation has been updated to reflect our latest software and hardware updates and provides an in-depth look at the capabilities and features of our remote access solutions, their applications for BACnet networks, and instructions on how to configure routers as OpenVPN servers. To learn more, visit the Remote Access page.

Hosted on the Internet and maintained by Contemporary Controls, RemoteVPN incorporates a cloud-based OpenVPN server, OpenVPN clients for workstations and mobile devices, and OpenVPN routers installed at job sites. Contemporary Controls' EIPR-V, EIGR-V series, and EIGR-C series Skorpion IP routers support OpenVPN client functionality and can be used with our RemoteVPN subscription service.

Our Self-Hosted and BridgeVPN solutions allow users to set up and maintain their own secure remote access without subscription fees and without the need for a cloud-based VPN server.

For network savvy users, Contemporary Controls' Self-HostedVPN solution utilizes the EIGR-V Skorpion Gigabit IP router configured to operate in OpenVPN server mode. With this configuration, the EIGR-V acts as a VPN server capable of supporting Contemporary Controls' wired and cellular routers as VPN clients. This Self-HostedVPN solution provides wired or wireless remote access for multiple clients—up to 15 wired/cellular IP routers in OpenVPN client mode and 15 OpenVPN clients on PC/tablet/phone.

For single-site, remote access, Contemporary Controls' BridgeVPN solution utilizes the EIGR-VB Gigabit IP router configured to operate in OpenVPN server mode as a wired bridge VPN server. This BridgeVPN solution can support up to 10 VPN clients on Windows and Linux PC. These Self-HostedVPN and BridgeVPN clients can be located anywhere that has Internet connectivity.

For more information and prices, visit the Remote Access page.