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Sedona Programming Now Possible Using Niagara Workbench N4

By installing a Sedona driver to Workbench N4, Contemporary Controls' Sedona controllers can now be programmed by a Niagara Supervisor (version 4.11 or later), thereby recreating a "one-tool" solution—using Workbench N4 to program both Niagara and Sedona controllers. When Niagara 3.x transitioned to Niagara 4.x, Sedona programming was lost. It is no longer necessary to retain an old version of Workbench AX to program Contemporary Controls' BAScontrol BACnet Sedona controllers or Micro PC Edge Controllers. What is required is the installation of N4 Sedona Driver licensed from Sedona community member Ontrol, but available from Contemporary Controls at no cost.

With the installed N4 Sedona Driver, Niagara 4 can be used to communicate over the SOX protocol to read and write Sedona points and for wiresheet programming. Included with the Sedona Driver are features once found in Workbench AX, such as a Sedona Kit Manager and the ability to save and restore SAX files. One difference with using the N4 Sedona Driver is that you will need to be running a Niagara station which can be an advantage when remote access to a site is required. A VPN connection to the Niagara station at the site provides access to all Sedona controllers connected to the station.

Contemporary Controls provides instructions on installing the Sedona driver, creating a Niagara station, and installing Sedona platform and kits. Once installed, Workbench N4 can access Tridium-release Sedona core components, Contemporary Controls' custom components, and Contemporary Controls' macro components which are used in its pre-built Sedona applications. While Sedona applications can be saved to Workbench, it is still recommended that the BASbackup project utility be used for saving BAScontrol project files to capture not only Sedona data but webpage and IP configuration. BASbackup which can restore and clone controllers, is provided in the BAScontrol Toolset, along with a non-Niagara Sedona Application Editor, and BASemulator. The toolset can be freely downloaded from Contemporary Controls' website.

While a license is required to use the Sedona Driver, there is no charge for the driver, Sedona points or devices. Visit the N4 Driver page to learn more and download the driver.