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New BAScontrol Pre-built Applications Accommodate Next-Generation HVAC Systems

Contemporary Controls continues to improve the performance of its BAScontrol series of BACnet/IP Sedona Unitary controllers by increasing the available application memory space, adding more sophisticated components, and developing more pre-built applications. Although all controller models are freely programmable, pre-built Sedona applications with included documentation are available to speed project implementation. With these advances, system integrators can implement more complex sequences for air handlers and rooftop units.

Macro Components Reduce Application Memory Space

Contemporary Controls has developed custom Sedona macro components that specifically target HVAC core applications. These macro components are highly integrated components that reduce wiresheet logic memory size and complexity which reduce available application memory space. The following new macro components form the nucleus of heating/cooling applications:

  • The Staged Heat/Cool component provides multi-stage heating/cooling along with optional analog outputs.
  • The Wall Setter component provides a convenient interface to analogue wall setters with provisions for space temperature thermistor, slider potentiometer, temporary occupancy, and CO2 transmitters.
  • The Economizer components, in either SI or I-P units, implement various airside economizer schemes which include dry-bulb, enthalpy, and direct control ventilation (DCV).
Expanded BAScontrol Pre-built Applications Enhance Implementation of HVAC Systems

Contemporary Control's pre-built applications make it easy to utilize a BAScontrol controller in constant volume air-handling unit (AHU) or rooftop unit (RTU) operations by converting this programmable controller into a configurable controller. With the development of the Staged Heat/Cool, Wall Setter, and Economizer macro components, Contemporary Controls has replaced the CvRTU series of pre-built applications with a new CvAHU series. The targeted constant volume applications have not changed.

CvAHU contains five versions of constant volume AHU/RTU applications:

  • CvAHU1 – Analog heating/cooling with economizer, DCV, powered exhaust
  • CvAHU2 – DX cooling/electric or gas heating with economizer, DCV, powered exhaust
  • CvAHU3 – DX cooling/electric or gas heating with economizer, fixed vent., powered exhaust
  • CvAHU4 – DX cooling/electric or gas heating with economizer, fixed vent., barometric exhaust
  • CvAHU5 – DX cooling/electric or gas heating with CHW and HW analogue control

For more information, visit the Introduction to Pre-Built Applications.